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Program – Agenda 2019

8:45 - 9:15 - Registration

Grab your delegate badge, lanyard, printed agenda and start networking straight away! Saying 'Good morning' to the people you meet is a great ice breaker.

9:15 - 10:00 - Case Study: Relationships between Regulators, Operators and Affiliates Storming the iGaming and Financial Industries

Affiliate-Operator relations can be strained at times, so what should each party look for in a partnership in order to make sure it runs smoothly?

Find out what operators look for in a trustworthy affiliate, and discuss how we can all play a part in improving industry relations across the board. In this exclusive session affiliates, operators, lawyers and regulators discuss topics storming the industry.

  • As the compliance in the UK and Malta tightens – how do operators and affiliates embrace these changes?
  • Are players looking for other markets due to these compliance requirements?
  • As initiatives like trustly “Pay N Play” disrupts the way players open account how, what is the future of player acquisition and how can such initiatives propagate the tightened UK market?
  • As key personnel shift between the Malta Gaming Authority and Malta Financial Services Authority, can blockchain technology and cryptocurrency be the future basis for the iGaming industry?
  • What is the current M&A landscape for operators and affiliates?
  • How are the relationships between operators and white hat affiliates evolving as affiliates programs trim their affiliate partners? Are the big networks, which work on contracts with operators going to totally change the affiliate industry landscape?
  • What would the affiliate world look like a year from now with all the regulatory changes and the US opening for business?

Confirmed speakers: Assaf Stieglitz (President, Odds1x2 Holdings), Yoav Dotan (Co-Founder, Affiliate Cruise and Genesis Global), Vasilije Lekovic (Director of Gaming Accounts at Trustly), Heathcliff Farrugia (Chief Executive Officer at Malta Gaming Authority), Odette Nestor (Gambling specialist and President of AOJND)

Moderator: Tal Itzhak Ron (Chairman & CEO at Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., Law Firm)

Assaf Stieglitz
Odette Nestor
Heathcliff Farrugia
Vasilije Lekovic
Tal Itzhak Ron

10:00 - 10:15 - Emergency Briefing regarding Visa and MasterCard new requirements for Online Merchants (CFD, FX, Gaming, Crypto)

It has been reported in 2018 that a new fight is brewing between merchants and card companies as major card networks Visa and Mastercard are requiring online merchants from hi-risk industries to present legal opinions from IMGL and STEP accredited local lawyers in jurisdictions in which they operate. How can merchants tackle these requirements? What are the most efficient solutions for gaming operators, CFD and FX brokers and crypto exchanges?

Confirmed speakers: Stephanie Attias (Global Head of Regulation, Tal Ron, Drihem & Co.), Genia Gurevitz (Head of Asia-Pacific and Baltics Operations, Tal Ron, Drihem & Co.), Tal Itzhak Ron (Chairman & CEO at Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., Law Firm)

Stephanie Attias
Genia Gurevitz
Tal Itzhak Ron

10:15 - 11:00 - (Panel discussion) Marketing & Innovation: Understanding Millennials - eSports, Daily Fantasy Sport, Virtual sports and Online Slots Games

2019 is a year in which there will be many shifts in terms of technology and staying competitive with bonus offerings will not be sufficient. Operators need to consider alternatives that are currently being titled as ``Millennial options`` and stay ahead of the world wide trends.

Confirmed speakers: James Camilleri (Head of Sales and General Manager, Scout Gaming Group Malta), Martin Wachter (CEO and Founder, Golden Race), Assaf Stieglitz (President, Odds1x2 Holdings), Nadiya Attard (Director, Business Development EMEA and Asia at NetEnt), Vlastimil Venclik (CEO at

Moderator: Tiago Aprigio (CEO at All-in Translations)

Nadiya Attard
Martin Wachter
Assaf Stieglitz
James Camilleri
Vlastimil Venclik
Tiago Aprigio

11:00 - 11:30 - Networking Break

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a delicious small snack by the company of like-minded industry peers. Make sure to bring your business card or set a meeting with the persons you would like to meet.

Stav Zilbershtein

(Keynote) 11:30 - 11:45 - Stav Zilberstein – Outsourcing for gaming companies – practical lessons, risks and solutions

A short presentation from Stav Zilberstein (Co-Founder, Hyperion Tech) about how outsourcing can work if implemented correctly. Disrupt The Traditional IT Market By bringing a lean and agile approach to the entire service flow from transparent simple and clear costs to performance focused activities. It’s IT Sourcing done the way it should be

11:45 - 12:45 - (Compliance Panel Discussion) Gambling in Czechia - Note on the 3 years of activity

The panel discussion will focus on giving a briefing about how the industry took shape in the last 3 years, who are the key players and what is to be expected in the near futures.

Confirmed speakers: Jan Rehola (Lawyer, PS Legal), Tal Zamstein (Group Head of Gaming, Fortuna Group), Jakub Kolomicenko (Head of legal department, Endorphina), Vojtech Chloupek (Partner at Bird & Bird)

Moderator: Jaka Repanšek (Media and Gaming Expert)

Jan Rehola
Tal Zamstein
Jakub Kolomicenko
Vojtech Chloupek
Jaka Repansek

(Fireside chat) 12:45 - 13:00 - “Key Compliance and AML issues for Gaming and Online Merchants”

In this exclusive session, international expert Genia Gurevitz (Head of Asia-Pacific and Baltics Operations, Tal Ron, Drihem & Co.) and European legal expert DR. Simon Planzer (PLANZER LAW) shall deal with the practical aspects of compliance and AML; how to avoid/minimize fines and how to remain compliant while still maximizing ROI.

Genia Gurevitz
Dr. Simon Planzer

13:00 - 14:00 - Complimentary Networking Lunch

We are always designing the lunch menu in order to accommodate all dietary needs and filter out allergy related accidents. You will find all delicious and healthy foods to power up for the remaining part of the conference.

14:00 - 14:20 - Surprise musical performance of Tal Ron per the special invitation of European Gaming Media and the Gaming Industry executives

Exclusive for European Gaming Media and for the first time ever on a stage in Prague!! – Tal Ron performs live 3 of his newest songs for Prague Gaming Summit attendees and iGamingRadio. Hear Tal Ron singing and performing live to our audience his original music: “Four on the Floor”, “It’s Only Natural (Alone in the Dark with You)” and a surprise hit.

14:20 - 14:55 - (Compliance Panel Discussion) Focus on the Slovakian market regulation and decrypting Poland's licensing procedures

The panel discussion will analyze some of the burning questions which are asked by operators and service providers who aim to enter the Slovakian or Polish gambling markets.

  • Slovakia aims to replace the current legislation with a new one which could open up the market for private operators from March 1, 2019. The new legislation is set to mirror the neighbouring countries positive realizations in the field.
  • Poland’s new gambling law took effect almost precisely a year ago. And while the legislative framework was touted as one that would liberalize the market and provide international operators with attractive opportunities to operate in a regulated environment, the country’s newly formed gambling landscape looked a bit different in reality.

Confirmed speakers: Michał Sałajczyk (Associate, Bird & Bird Poland), Stefan Švec (Sales Director, Playtech), Dr. Robert Skalina (Senior Advisor, WH Partners)

Moderator: Andrius Gabnys (Managing partner/Attorney-at-Law, Gabnys Law)

Michal Salajczyk
Štefan Švec
Dr. Robert Skalina
Andrius Gabnys

14:55 - 15:45 - (Horus Session) Safe Gambling - IT security and AML / KYC

”Safe Gambling” is a new term used in the industry and is a possible replacer for the notion ”responsible gambling”. While the responsible gambling focuses on studying and fighting the negative effects of excessive gambling practice, the broader concept of ”safe gambling”, also contains the prevention area. IT security, compliance is also a huge aspect of the term.

Confirmed speakers: Martin Stöfler (Co-Founder, OSM Solutions), Dr. Manfred Galdes (Partner at ARQ Group Malta), Francesco Baranca (General Secretary at Federbet AISBL), Kim Mouridsen (Professor at Aarhus University, Founder and Managing Director Cercare Medical, Founder at Mindway AI), Alina B Gleiss (EMEA Sales Manager at Zendesk)

Moderator: Pieter Remmers (CEO, Assissa)

Martin Stoefler
Dr. Manfred Galdes
Francesco Baranca
Alina B. Gleiss
Pieter Remmers

(Keynote) 15:45 - 16:00 - Alex Kornilov - Use of Big Data with the help of AI in online and landbased sports betting solutions

A short presentation by Alex Kornilov, CEO & Founder at BETEGY, about how AI can help process Big Data and enhance your offer for the players in both your online and land based operations. Automate your content creation and turn sports data into engaging graphics, widgets, banners, texts and animations.

Alex Kornilov

16:00 - 16:20 - Networking Break

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a delicious small snack by the company of like-minded industry peers. Make sure to bring your business card or set a meeting with the persons you would like to meet.

16:20 - 17:00 - (Compliance Panel discussion) DACH market industry trends

2018 has been a wake up call for the region and it seems that some of the legislators and regulators are starting understand why it's important to have a clear regulation and stop banning and industry which is currently grey or black.

It may not be the likely case in Austria, but there have been clear signals in Liechtenstein, Germany and Switzerland toward creating a regulatory framework which will enable international or local operators to apply for online gambling licenses.

Confirmed speakers: Dr. Raffaela Zillner, LL.M (Secretary General, Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling), Dr. Alexandra Körner (Senior Legal Associate, MME Legal), Dr. Christian Rapani (Attorney at Law at Dr. Christian Rapani), Dr. Matthias Spitz (Senior Partner, MELCHERS LAW)

Moderator: DR. Simon Planzer (Partner at PLANZER LAW)

Dr. Raffaela Zillner
Dr. Alexandra Körner
Dr. Christian Rapani
Dr. Matthias Spitz
Dr. Simon Planzer

17:00 - 18:00 - (Panel discussion) IMGL MASTERCLASS™

Gambling Industry: Advertisement banning trends in the European Union and the Balkans

Confirmed speakers: Russell Mifsud (Gaming industry specialist – Associate Director at KPMG Malta), Jaka Repanšek (Media and Gaming Expert), Zlatan Omerspahić (Data Protection and Compliance Lawyer at NSoft), Martin Arendts (Founder of ARENDTS ANWAELTE), Quirino Mancini (Global Head of the Gaming and Gambling Practice at Tonucci & Partners), Charmaine Hogan (Regulatory & Public Affairs, International Relations, Policy Development Expert)

Moderator: Dr. Matthias Spitz (Senior Partner, MELCHERS LAW)

Charmaine Hogan
Russell Mifsud
Jaka Repansek
Zlatan Omerspahić
Dr. Matthias Spitz
Martin Arendts
Quirino Mancini

20:30 - Late Night - Evening social gathering

The location will be revealed only to the attending delegates!