Save the date for the second edition of Prague Gaming Summit (Official Press Release for 2018)

Save the date for the second edition of Prague Gaming Summit (Official Press Release for 2018)

Prague Gaming Summit 2018

The 2nd edition of “the most successful boutique-style gaming event in Prague” is going to be held on the 29th of March, 2018 at Andel’s by Vienna House Prague.

The conference is designed to give the latest insights about the regulatory updates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Workshops and reports will be given be the top gaming experts who are active players of the online and land-based industry within the mentioned countries, thus serving operators and software providers with information about what to expect in 2018 and how they can apply for licenses where licensing is possible.

As in 2017, the summit will feature a round table discussion with the Czech regulators in order to discuss burning question that arise during the period.

We officially invite you to a must attend event if you are an active company in the online and land based gambling industry of the region. The event will also open up investment ideas if you would like to start being a legal supplier or operator in the demographic.

Those seeking networking will find that Prague Gaming Summit offers a great variety of networking possibilities via the event and connect networking dinners and parties. (See what the delegates had to say about the 2017 event here…)

Delegate pass price breakdown:

  • Early Bird Rate (60% Off): 199 EUR – Sales end on December 31, 2017
  • Combo – Early Bird Rate + 2 nights accommodation (60% Off): 379 EUR – Sales end on December 31, 2017
  • Advance Rate (40% Off): 299 EUR – Sales end on March 22, 2018
  • Combo – Advance Rate + 2 nights accommodation (40% Off): 479 EUR – Sales end on March 22, 2018
  • Regular Rate (no discount): 499 EUR – Sales end on March 29, 2018

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Preliminary Agenda

Focus on Slovakia

The panel will focus on the latest developments and insights of the Slovakian gambling market where experts will share their ideas and information about licensing and potentials of the market.

Already confirmed speakers:

Dr. Robert Skalina (WH Partners)

More speakers to be announced soon

Focus on Czech Republic

Given the fact that the Czech Republic is a newly regulated market, the government are not rushing into making decisions that will affect the taxation and the competitiveness of the country. Currently, the regulators know that they don’t have a perfect solution for the industry, but are waiting to adjust this accordingly. The panel is very important for the Czech industry and all international operators as the latest amendments will be explained.

Already confirmed speakers:

Jan Rehola (PS Legal)

More speakers to be announced soon

Focus on Poland

In 2017, the new amendments in the Polish gambling law have entered into force. Operators have found themselves either blacklisted or dealing with heavy paperwork and more announced amendments. The panel will shed light on the state of the Polish gambling market and will also explain what are the key aspects that you need to consider when entering the market.

Already confirmed speakers:

Piotr Dynowski (Bird & Bird)

More speakers to be announced soon

Innovation Talks

The Innovation Talks series will continue in Prague as well and we are looking forward to giving our delegates the most recent information about technology that is being adopted in the industry to increase revenues and attract new clients.

Speakers coming soon

Recent updates about Responsible Gambling programs

More and more countries are looking towards tightening the rules and implementing harsher Responsible Gambling programs in the industry that affect operators, software providers and affiliates. Many have stated that the year 2017 and 2018 are the years in which the Next Phase in Responsible Gambling is going to be implemented.

Speakers coming soon

Round table discussions with the Czech regulators (limited to 25 delegates)

The 2017 meeting with the regulators was the top rated session of the inaugural event, thus we are honored to once again invite you to a formal discussion session with the local regulators in order to discuss the most important questions you may have that are in the field of the regulator.

Prague Gaming Summit will set the stage for local and international companies involved in the online and land based gambling industry to network and exchange ideas. For quick information requests, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Programme & speakers/Sponsorship

Zoltan Tundik – Founder and Head of Business


Tel: +40 (0) 735 559 234 / +40 (0) 726 388 370

Email: [email protected]

Media accreditation and Registration enquiries

Betty Tundik – Event Coordinator and PR Manager

Tel: +40 (0) 799 777 959

Email: [email protected]

PR enquiries/interviews

George Miller – Media/Sales Manager

Tel: +40 (0) 799 772 801

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